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Learning Specialists

Our learning specialists collaborate with students, teachers, and families to understand learning challenges and identify the appropriate instructional strategies and supports needed for a child to understand the core curriculum and succeed academically. Over time, the goal is to help children develop strategies which allow them to demonstrate independence and agency in the learning process.

Our learning specialists do this by observing learners in the classroom, teaming with teachers and departments to differentiate instruction, and working directly with students both inside and outside of the classroom to provide targeted support and accommodations.  

Sometimes, school assessment data is not enough to get a full picture of a child’s learning profile, strengths, and challenges. In these cases, our learning specialists work in close collaboration with families to identify the appropriate specialists and resources needed to gain further information about  a child’s learning in the classroom, serving as advocates and support to families navigating the terrain of learning differences and neurodiversity.

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Catherine Grove
​Learning Specialist
Jill Rosenberg
Learning Specialist