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Posted on Friday, May 1, 2020
These days it’s more important than ever to support our local businesses, and Preschool Starfish Head Teacher Greg Gardner is doing just that! Greg frequently works with the San Francisco Skate Club, a program that provides not only skateboarding lessons but also meals, academic help, art materials, and much more to its students, and he’s partnering with them for a unique fundraising opportunity. “Foot the Bill,” a new program from the famous Vans shoe company, is selling custom-designed shoes... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2020
In the four months since we opened the CDS Community Library and Center for Inquiry, our students have been introduced to an amazing number of new books and authors. Now, we will be able to expand their horizons even further through a new partnership with the San Francisco Public Library! The public library offers a program called "Scholar Cards" which gives local students access to all of the library’s resources: not only books but also movies, music, museum passes, online homework help,... Read More
Posted on Friday, January 24, 2020
One of the eleven CDS Learning Beliefs states that "assessment should be embedded in the learning process and is most meaningful when it incorporates reflection, feedback, and revision." In the summer of 2018, the school embarked on a major remodel of our Lower School campus to ensure that the site was more convenient and accessible for all. Over the following months, members of the school community shared their thoughts on the renovations (which included a new front entrance and lobby and a... Read More
Posted on Monday, December 9, 2019
Our Preschool Starfish students love to sing, and last Friday they got to perform to a big audience! 826 Valencia, San Francisco’s beloved educational center for young writers and artists, was having a release party for the latest issue of Illustoria, a magazine that celebrates kids’ creativity, and the Starfish were among the featured performers. Lately, the Starfish have been learning about the human body. Greg Gardner (Starfish Head Teacher and a talented songwriter) helped them out with a... Read More
Posted on Monday, November 18, 2019
A new, exciting learning space has opened up for our students! The CDS Community Library and Center for Inquiry officially opened on November 11, and last week we welcomed a large crowd of CDS families for an open house. The recent remodeling of our 333 Dolores Street campus left us temporarily without a library space, so we drew on our partnership with the Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club to find a solution. They agreed to provide us with a large room in their building, and our parents,... Read More
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2019
The CDS Community Library and Center for Inquiry is almost open for business (our Open House is scheduled for next Friday), and we’ve already had our first visit from an author! Yangsook Choi, writer and illustrator of children’s books such as The Name Jar, New Cat, and The Sun Girl and the Moon Boy, recently spent a day at CDS, where she spoke with our students from the Early Childhood Program through eighth grade. Yangsook started out with our younger students, reading her book New Cat and... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Two of our eighth graders were interviewed today by KTVU Channel 2 News. The students spoke about SF Proposition C (sponsored by Juul and others) and encouraged people to learn more about the issue. “I asked my students, ‘Do you have any friends who use any of these Juul products, and have you ever seen anybody use it?’” said Eighth Grade Humanities teacher Terry Ashkinos. “It was 42 kids and all 42 hands went up.” When our students heard about Proposition C, which was designed to overturn the... Read More
Posted on Friday, September 20, 2019
Today, millions of students in 150 countries around the world took to the streets to protest the lack of progress in climate change reform. Thousands of people participated in the San Francisco protests, and CDS eighth graders were among them. Climate change has been an issue close to the heart of our students for several years. In the spring before their graduation, the class of 2017 drew up a petition in support of climate change reform, gathered the signatures of nearly a thousand Bay Area... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Last week, a group of CDS Middle School students performed Dear Harvey, an original play that is an autobiographical account of self-discovery, identity, friendship, and love. Every word, set piece, and costume in the production was created entirely by our recently-formed Drama Club, a team of 20 students between fifth and eighth grades who met after school every week to craft the play. Set in 2014 (one year before gay marriage was legalized in the United States), the story follows an eighth-... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Throughout this school year, our eighth grade students have served as passionate advocates for immigration reform, collecting the signatures of 3,000 Bay Area residents in support of loosened restrictions. The culminating moment of this project took place in early May, when they took their annual week-long trip to Washington, D.C. and had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Jackie Speier in her office on Capitol Hill. While there, the eighth graders gave themselves a voice in our country's... Read More