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At Children’s Day School, what you learn and who you become are equally important. 

CDS is a welcoming community in the big city, a farm and garden among urban streets, an advocate for responsibility to others as well as individual achievement, an independent school with down-to-earth values, always asking how we can do this better. 

We strive for balance so students become both academically successful and grounded. They leave CDS confident, with the humility to listen and the resolve to speak up for what they see as right.


Learning is active

Students best develop a love of learning and an ability to think and understand through active participation in personally and socially meaningful work. The CDS curriculum is grounded in the world around students, from global issues to challenges in our city and neighborhood.

Differences lift us

Our community is woven together with families from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, races, faiths, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We believe our differences lift us as people and learners.  

Community matters

CDS is a warm community where people look out for each other, families find partners to help bring up their children, and everyone can feel safe, seen, and known. We are open to connecting with others, which leads to a sense of belonging and trust. Students learn to take this spirit of openness out into the world.


Be just and courageous

CDS students develop a strong moral compass. We believe that everyone can take responsibility, find the courage to act, and create change. Our students understand social justice issues and learn to advocate on behalf of themselves and others. 

Share kindness and joy

CDS students see kindness and generosity modeled all the time. Joy is encouraged and play is treasured. CDS kids love to be here; you can feel it when you walk through the gate. 

Stay grounded

Our garden, sheep, and chickens are magical for children and have something important to teach. The children become grounded in who they are, in the earth and how things grow, in caring for animals and for each other.