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Middle School Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

  • Please be sure to notify the front desk early if your child is going home with someone who is not listed on Procare.
  • The school day ends at 3:30pm. To help traffic flow on Dolores St. (and in our hallways) we have preferred car pick-up times. Please note, students using self-sign out can leave campus any time after 3:30pm.
    • After 3:30pm - Self-sign out available
    • 3:30pm-3:40pm - 5th & 6th preferred car pick-up
    • After 3:40pm - 7th & 8th preferred car pick-up

Car Pick-Up:

  • Use only the white zone on the east side (next to 601) of Dolores Street to drop off or pick up. Stopping traffic on both sides of the street is challenging and dangerous.
    • ​Do not use or block any driveways on Dolores Street or 19th Street.
    • Especially when waiting on Dolores Street, be aware and courteous towards our neighbors. If there is a line, please circle the block.
    • Do not double-park and exit your car.
    • Do not make U-turns of any kind, whether in the intersection at Dolores Street and 19th Street, as a 3-point, or in a neighbor’s driveway.
  • Please be sure to use the yellow name signs that were distributed.
    • It is much easier and faster for faculty to read the sign than identify drivers.
    • If you need a replacement, let us know and we will be happy to make a new one for you.

Walking, Biking, Self-Sign Out, No-Car Pick-Up:

  • Walk-up parents, please use the 19th Street doors. 
    • Be sure that your child is signed out with Procare or the iPad outside the glass doors.
  • If your child has self sign-out, but you are still picking them up:
    • Please pre-arrange a pick-up spot that is at least 2 blocks away from 601; picking them up closer to the building creates confusion and congestion in the pick-up area. (see below)
    • Please remind your child that once they sign out, they must immediately walk away from the building towards their next destination.