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Preschool-8th Grade Curriculum

Academics and Constructivism at CDS

Constructivism is an educational philosophy that teaches critical thinking and creative problem solving, skills that are essential for 21st century learning.

This academically challenging and creative approach to education is based on:

  • ACTIVE LEARNING: Learning by doing, experiencing, interacting and making.
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY THINKING: Teaching and learning that seek out and explore the connections within and between subjects.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Nurturing the social and emotional intelligence of every child with specially-tailored methods.
  • CIVIC-MINDEDNESS: Committing to diversity and focusing on social sustainability.

At CDS, we believe that when children are encouraged to fully engage with complex topics in myriad ways, we are giving them the tools to become lifelong learners and passionate citizens of the world.

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