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PTTA and Family Involvement

Welcome! The CDS Parent Teacher Trustee Association (“PTTA”) includes each of us.  All CDS parents, as well as staff, teachers, administrators, and members of the Board of Trustees are automatically members of the PTTA.

The PTTA aspires to welcome, educate, communicate, and appreciate. We work to welcome all families to the school and events, educate parents about school-wide issues and learning opportunities, facilitate communication throughout the community, and coordinate appreciation events for the faculty and staff. The Class Liaisons, Buddy Family Program, Welcome Potluck, Family Farming Program, Faculty Appreciation Dinner and Luncheon, as well as Bid & Bash and Country Fair, are just a few activities organized or supported by the PTTA. We do all of this in hopes of creating a greater sense of community within the school. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to participate!

I hope that you will take the time to get involved and explore more about how you can support your PTTA!  Feel free to reach out with any ideas, questions or thoughts to

Family Involvement

We view school as a collaborative experience for and by many, rather than simply an exercise in individual achievement. It is our heartfelt belief that the vitality of our community depends on the active participation of everyone in it. Families are involved as partners in their children's education and contribute their time and talents in a number of different ways, depending upon their interests, abilities and availability. Some parents read to the children in the classroom and drive on field trips, some help coordinate annual school events such as the Country Fair, while others assist with fundraising and marketing.

Getting involved at CDS is a great way to develop deeper relationships with other parents and families, with your child’s teachers, and with the CDS staff. All parents are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the CDS community in some capacity during the school year. Leading Admissions Tours, becoming a Family Farmer, joining a Committee, or volunteering in the classrooms or on campus are all great ways to help out.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form or email us at and we will help find a way for you to get involved that matches your interests and availability.

Dues and Fundraising

The PTTA is funded by an annual fee ($50) assessed to each family as PTTA Membership. This fee supports events such as the Welcome Potluck and the Faculty Appreciation events.

Shopping is another way you can support the PTTA. Do you know that, Rainbow Grocery, Mabel’s Labels, and Sports Basement each have special accounts with the CDS PTTA where a portion of your purchases support the PTTA? Check out our fundraising page or your Family Handbook to find out more and sign up! These funds help the PTTA to hold Community Events such as Wine & Cheese and Family Bingo.

Getting Involved in PTTA

The leadership of the PTTA consists of a diverse group of parents, trustees and administrators (some wearing multiple hats). The PTTA leadership meets regularly to plan for educational, fundraising and community building events. In addition, meetings provide the PTTA leadership an opportunity to disseminate and discuss current school issues. PTTA Meetings are open to anyone in the community and dates and times are posted on the CDS web calendar and announced at Friday assemblies.

The leadership roles below represent a number of positions that may be utilized by the PTTA to accomplish its work. Any member of the PTTA may hold these leadership positions. The PTTA Leadership includes:

President (Petra Janopaul): Organizes and leads the PTTA; chairs meetings; serves on the CDS Board of Trustees; maintains communication with the Head of School and administration regarding PTTA activities and contributions; works with PTTA officers and members to identify individuals and groups to carry out activities and plans; oversees strategic direction of the PTTA. Works with the Director of Finance and Operations to insure that the PTTA budget and finances are well managed and that record keeping is up to date. (Typically a two-year role). The PTTA president is an ex-officio, voting member of the CDS Board of Trustees.

Fundraising Coordinator/Partnerships: Works with the CDS Director of Finance and Operations to ensure that the PTTA budget and finances are well managed and that record keeping is up to date; identifies and suggests unique revenue-sharing agreements.

Classroom Liaison Coordinator (Michael Ludlam): Coordinates and assists the classroom liaisons; works with PTTA officers and members to identify individuals and groups to carry out activities and plans, including the annual Welcome Potluck.

Farm Family Coordinator (Anna Sopko): Trains new family farmers and handles scheduling and coordination of the family farmers; maintains a calendar of assignments and sends out reminders; serves as main contact for family farmers on weekends and holidays.

COID Liaison: Serves as the official voice of the Committee on Inclusion and Diversity (COID) on the PTTA and as the official voice of the PTTA on COID; leads the planning for the annual diversity potluck, and supports the community building efforts around affinity groups.

At-large members: Jodi Perelman, Meghna Subramanian, Peter Sutherland 

Parent Education Coordinator: Member of SPEAK and other relevant education policy and advocacy groups; prepares shortlist of recommended parent education opportunities for the CDS community; partners with other Bay Area schools to organize and promote parent education events.

Members of the Administration who are ex-officio members of the PTTA leadership:

• Head of School (Shelly Luke Wille) 
• Lower School Director (David Dobson-Smith) 
• Middle School Director (Chris Wachsmith) 
• Early Childhood Program Director (Antonette Greene) 
• Director of Communication (Andrei Ferrera)
• Director of Admission (Kristina Berman) 
• Director of Advancement (Jeanna Yoo)