Learner Profile

The CDS Learner Profile

Learners develop proficiency with these 5 core skills:
  • Collaboration - I know how to contribute my strengths to a team to achieve a goal and how to lean on and learn from others on the team who bring different perspectives and strengths to the work.
  • Self-Direction -  I know how to manage my time and seek out the resources I need to drive my own learning with independence and agency. 
  • Communication - I know how to share my ideas, identities, thoughts, and opinions while respecting and remaining curious and open to the ideas, identities, thoughts, and opinions of others.
  • Researching and Inquiring - I know how to use technology, media, and information responsibly to explore, teach, and learn about topics that interest me.
  • Critical and Creative Reasoning - I know how to think about a topic from different perspectives and can think creatively to solve problems and express myself.
Core Dispositions - Learners practice engaging these 5 core mindsets:
  • Curiosity and Open-Mindedness - I am curious and open to different ideas and perspectives. I keep an open mind and actively look to make meaning and create connections.
  • Resilience and Persistence - I am comfortable making mistakes and willing to engage in productive struggle to achieve my learning goals 
  • Emotional/Social Intelligence - I am engaged in my community. I seek to manage my emotions and pay attention to what and who is around me, so that I can show up wisely in my relationships with others.
  • Intellectual/Cultural Humility, Reflection, and Responsiveness - I know that my perspective is one of many and I am able to consider and incorporate the ideas, identities, and beliefs of others into my own thinking to broaden my worldview and build new understandings.
  • Advocacy/Activism/Civic Engagement - I engage actively in my community and the world and recognize, stand up, and act when injustice is present.
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