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6th Grade Science

What we do:

  • Part 2 of 2-year environmental science program includes simple organisms, bacteria, fungi, “primitive plants”
  • Botany, botanical classification, roots, stems and nutrient cycles
  • Leaves and photosynthesis, flowers and reproduction, plant adaptations, plants in rainforest, alpine and desert environments
  • Aquatic animals: anatomy, behavior, diversity, habitats
  • Ecology – introduction to basic patterns and processes in ecosystems with an emphasis on the estuarine system of the greater San Francisco Bay/San Pablo Bay and the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta
  • Populations, keystone species, energy webs and trophic cascades
  • Foraging strategies and survival at extremes, measures and samples on biodiversity

How we do it:

  • Scientific inquiry and laboratory investigations
  • Shared reading and discussion
  • Field trips around the Bay Area
  • Multimedia projects
  • Scientific annotation and research