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1st Grade Community Based Learning

The Green Hairstreak Butterfly has inspired an interdisciplinary unit involves the collaboration of seven CDS teachers and two community partners. At the start of the school year, the students analyze and reconstruct with maps and models in their School Neighborhood Study with their homeroom teachers. Then, they explore the wants and needs of animals in their neighborhood in Science at the start of winter. In Farm and Garden classes, concurrently, students learn about gardens, green spaces, insects and pollinators. Butterflies are explored in both the core and Farm and Garden classes, as well as in Community Based Learning lessons, which are integrated into science. Students explore what host plants and nectar sources are specifically needed for a healthy habitat for this delicate yet intrepid butterfly, grow these plants in our garden and transfer them in service to the butterfly, in the Sunset District, at Herbert Hoover Middle School with the organization, Kids in Parks. Herbert Hoover Middle School students are Green Hairstreak Experts and they plant the host and nectar sources alongside our first graders.