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Community Stories

"It's safe, it's welcoming, and it's my extended family." 
— Divya Vyas, parent of Aryan (5th Grade) and Transitional Kindergarten teacher

"We love the CDS community because of each member's outstanding dedication to what they do, the magic those efforts create, and the learning – in all senses – that is so thoughtfully nurtured and encouraged to flourish."
— The Ramrayka Rogers Family, parents of Jake (7th Grade)


"At a time when the world has seemingly gone mad, our CDS teachers make each weekday feel normal -- warm, productive, inclusive. And as a new family to CDS, both our middle school daughter and her parents felt so actively welcomed and brought into the fold."
— Jenn Romney, parent of Zoe (6th Grade)

"The CDS community is filled with special people who share our values of inclusion, curiosity, and risk-taking. We are grateful to be a part of it!"
— Erica and Andy Murray, parents of Hannah (3rd Grade) and Isabel (7th Grade)


"Community is the smiles and the hugs and the highs and lows, shared within like-minded people, who feel like family!"
— The Meyerdirks, parents of Jack (1st Grade)


"It is a good community for my child to thrive!"
— Ben and Kim Neuwirth, parents of Abby (Preschool)


"The feeling of warmth and connection our whole family feels within the CDS community validates our sense of purpose and values in the life we lead." 
— Mary Ray, parent of Michael (1st Grade)


"There are so many great values and memories of the CDS Community since I became a part of this wonderful community since year 2000! I am well respected and support from the administrators, my colleagues parents and the students. I always call CDS is my second home and I have enjoyed my years teaching here since."

- Ms. Ngoc, Preschool Teacher