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Under the Same Sky with Our Seventh Graders

Monday, May 14, 2018

With the school year drawing to a close, our seventh grade students put the finishing touch on a project that has been brewing all year. Last October, the seventh graders visited “Forced from Home,” a traveling exhibition that spreads awareness about refugees and the hardships they face as they travel to safer countries. The exhibit is presented around the country by Doctors Without Borders, and it left a deep impression on our students. As one of their projects for this year, they decided to research the refugee crisis and create their own large-scale exhibit inspired by “Forced from Home.”

The resulting project is called “Under the Same Sky.” Created under the supervision of Seventh Grade Humanities teacher Chris Wachter, it takes the viewer through a series of stations representing the challenges that displaced people encounter around the world. The viewer is challenged to select resources (both survival necessities and items of personal significance) that they would want to bring with them on a journey. Then, as they travel through each station and learn about the different sacrifices that refugees must make, they choose which resources they would be willing to give up. The tour ends with an opportunity to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders.

The seventh graders conducted several tours last week. Attendees included CDS students and family members, as well as a group of third graders from San Francisco Friends School, who heard about the exhibit as part of their unit on immigration and refugees. All of the visitors were impressed, and we’re proud of our students for their work!