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Check out a typical preschool day at CDS. 

8:00 - 8:25 Morning transition into classroom

8:30 Morning meeting

Includes a good-morning song, attendance, calendar, jobs, discussion about the day’s activities, the current classroom project and introduction of new songs and activities.

9:00 Indoor/outdoor work time

Children choose from a variety of activities in the curriculum centers both inside the classroom and outside on the yard. These may include reading, art, dramatic play, science, woodworking, writing, building with blocks, project-related work and much more. In addition, during this time children may create artwork with one of our art specialists, work in the farm or garden with our environmental education resource teacher, make music with our music specialist or participate in physical education with our physical education specialist. This time also includes access to a self-help snack.

11:00 Lunch

Children bring lunch from home or families can order School Foodies.

12:00 Nap/rest

Children rest on mats on the floor using blankets provided from home.

12:45 Quiet inside and outside work time

As children wake up, they choose from a variety of quiet indoor activities that may include reading, observational drawing, construction activities. They may also choose to go outside to play in the outside classroom or on the structure.

2:00 Afternoon meeting

2:15 Dismissal to parents or the CDS after school program

At CDS, Spanish is a natural part of every preschooler’s day. Each preschool class has at least one Spanish-speaking teacher who integrates common Spanish expressions into the day, including during routines, reading, songs, work time, etc.