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Elementary School

Students in elementary school (grades K-4) start their day between 8:15-8:30 a.m. Kindergarten is dismissed at 2:45 p.m., with staggered dismissal times thereafter for grades 1-4.

Students eat lunch outdoors on picnic tables in our large outdoor play yard, weather permitting (which it usually is!). Students bring lunch from home; many also buy lunch once or twice a week from School Foodies. There is time for socializing, play and fun activities not only at lunch, but also during daily recesses.

Visitors to our elementary grades often remark on the visible energy, enthusiasm and engagement in learning exhibited by our students. Our elementary classes are deliberately constructed to present a challenging academic curriculum in a way that is both interesting and fun, while simultaneously fostering a classroom culture that accepts and respects each student.

While every day at Children’s Day School is different, each day our elementary classes begin with a morning meeting and end with an afternoon meeting. These meetings, based on the Responsive Classroom, build community and reinforce academic and social learning.

During the school week, all core academic subjects are taught on multiple occasions; this includes reading, writing, spelling, grammar, math, science and social sciences. Our teaching of these subjects is integrated and project-based, and reflects a curriculum that continually reinforces and builds academic skills.

For example, elementary students studying the human body might make replica bones (art and science), calculate the number of bones and muscles in the body (math), create a “bone museum” with exhibits and explanations (language arts and art) and open that museum to the entire school, with student docents who explain the exhibits (math, science, and public speaking).

In addition to the core academic subjects, each week elementary school students have time with our specialist teachers, including physical education, Spanish, art, music, community based learning and farm and garden.

The majority of our elementary students participate one or more days each week in our extended day program, a fun and flexible after-school program that runs until 6 p.m.