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Soup for Change

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What a night it was as our seventh graders hosted Soup for Change just before spring break. The inaugural dinner was an astounding success and a true testament to our school's mission of cultivating passionate citizens who change the world.

After months of working in small groups and partnering with local service organizations, students organized a sliding scale micro-granting soup dinner and invited the community to attend. "We were so excited that our event was at capacity and raised $1,700!" said Seventh Grade Humanities Teacher Chris Wachter.

The event was both student-organized and student-facilitated, adding an element of charm that would be hard for some adults to replicate. At the dinner, one service project was funded (a group of seventh grade girls are partnering with St. Anthony's to develop period kits for people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco), the other groups which presented received feedback about their service projects and networked with the dinner guests to enhance their plans and reflect on how to meet the needs of various focus groups (LGBTQQ+ youth, dogs, environment, sick and/or recovering children, and veterans). "I am so proud of the care students took to craft service projects that were not just idealistic, but very realistic, and appropriately responding to actual needs," Chris said. "I can't wait to see the projects come to fruition as the school year continues."