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Prosthetic Hands in the iLab

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our eighth-grade students in the Innovation Lab are working on their own designs for a prosthetic hand for children. After gaining inspiration from a visit to the preschool classrooms (where they observed the most popular activities among three- and four-year-old children), they brainstormed ideas for task-specific prosthetic devices. Over the last few weeks they have brought these ideas into reality. Once they had finalized their concepts, they created digital models in a CAD program called Tinkercad and then printed out their designs using the 3D printer.

Jodie, a four year old girl, and Suki, Jodie's mother, visited our classroom last Tuesday to test the prototypes. We all learned a lot from Jodie's visit as she tested the prosthetic hands and their various attachments. The devices included a sand shovel, a marker/crayon holder, a bottle/cup holder, and an art supply cup.

Jodie will be back soon to test out the next iterations.