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Prosthetic Hands in the iLab

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Innovation Lab can always be counted on for some of the most fascinating assignments at CDS, and our eighth graders in that class have been working on a particularly interesting one. Over the last several weeks, they’ve designed and manufactured artificial hands to be used by young children, giving each hand the capability to perform a different task!

The project began with a visit to CDS’ preschool classrooms, where the eighth graders paid attention to the most popular activities among our younger students. Next, they split into teams and used these observations to come up with ideas for unique devices. They fleshed out their concepts with the aid of a software program called Tinkercad, which allowed them to create detailed digital blueprints of their designs. After making their final adjustments, they used a 3D printer to produce functional physical models of each prosthetic hand.

These devices allow their users to do a variety of things: shovel sand, store items such as pens and paint brushes, drink from a bottle of water, and even draw with a marker. On November 8, our four-year-old friend Jodie visited the Ilab to test some of the new designs. All of them worked well, and she was particularly impressed with the drawing tool. Some of our eighth graders are still finishing up their projects, and Jodie will return soon to try out the next set of hands.

CDS is proud of our students who are making a lasting impact on the lives of others.