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A Professional Learning Community

Thursday, March 14, 2013

At Children's Day School we incubate more than chicks. We develop innovative curricula and programs designed to inspire students, connect the community and help our students, teachers and parents grow. Our faculty shares their expertise in a number of ways, including presentations to our internal community and to the external community. On March 11, 2013, fifty-one CDS teachers and staff attended the CAIS Northern California professional development day along with 2,000 teachers and administrators from 100 Bay Area schools. One of my colleagues noted that the workshops presented by CDS teachers reflected the exciting teaching and learning happening in the classrooms at CDS.

Workshops hosted by CDS Educators

• Case Studies in Administration
Presenter: Josee Mayette, Middle School Head, Children's Day School

Come participate in real life, challenging, and interesting scenarios that Division Heads have had to deal with in the recent past. This workshop is ideal for beginning administrators and people wanting to get into administration. It will be led by Josee Mayette, Middle School Head at Children's Day School and Julie Galles, Assistant Head for Middle School at San Francisco School. Let's work through problems together with help from current administrators and one another.

• Incorporating Technology in Spanish Class 

Presenter: Mickael Drouet, Middle school Spanish teacher, Children's Day School

This presentation is aimed at teachers who want to develop the interest and encourage self-motivation towards the language-using computer programs.

• Flip Cameras, iMovie and iPads: Using Technology in Your Classroom 
Presenter: Rhonda Ross, Physical Education Teacher, Children's Day School

Videos are a powerful learning tool for all students. They can help them better understand their own work and inspire them. Learn about using video to enhance student learning and share your program with your community.

• Cultivating Sustainability - Farm to Farmstand 

Presenter: Kasi Campbell, Assistant to the Head of School, Children's Day School

Where does our food come from, and how does what we eat affect our bodies? Learn how to teach students how to grow their own food and to love the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables while learning a variety of ways to preserve food and care for the earth - pastoral twist on old-school home economics.

• Finding Yourself in Sixth Grade 

Presenter: Melanie Liu, Humanities Teacher, Fifth and Sixth Grades, Children's Day School

Sixth graders are reflecting on their childhood, trying to find their place in the world, and imagining who they will become. Poetry and personal essays can be used to help students strengthen their voices and think critically about their history. Students spend the year learning about their social identities and past by writing about themselves (I am poem, identity poster, autobiography, biography, family migration paper, and autobiographical incident). Writing projects, favorite mini-lessons, rubrics, book lists, student samples, and class management techniques will be shared.

• Never Enough Time! Creating a Comprehensive, Effective, and Engaging Math Program. 

Presenter: Kirk Bell, Math and Science Teacher - 5th and 6th grades, Children's Day School

Teachers of mathematics want to ensure that our students achieve proficiency or, better yet, mastery of skills and concepts. We want math to have "real world" applications. We want our students to think critically rather than just parrot back answers. We want them to collaborate effectively with each other in problem solving. We want students to have enough time to practice skills. We want kids to be engaged, motivated, and excited about math. In the face of "never enough time," in the face of many parents who exhibit their own angst about math, and given our own challenges with instruction time, how can we best pull together a comprehensive and effective math program that provides both differentiation and integration of instruction? This workshop addresses these issues and provides concrete suggestions for doing so. Bring your own ideas as this will be an interactive workshop.

• Hip Hop: Exploring Culture through Videos and Music 

Presenter: Paul Richardson, Teacher, Children's Day School

This presentation will explore how teachers can use technology to help students learn about Hip Hop and its evolution through film and video. We will also discuss how students through performance, brainstorming, dialogue, and group work create can create their own versions of Hip Hop songs and videos.

• Blogging In The Early Childhood Classroom 

Presenters: Alicia Perdue, Candy Mabry, and Gretchen Ott, Preschool Head Teachers, Children's Day School

Blogging is a great tool to document your classwork and make student learning visible to families, especially in the early years. Find out how easy it is to use this valuable communication tool. More than the classroom newsletter, it builds relationships with the families in your class, and your school. It informs parnets and colleagues alike about what students are learning. In addition, learn how to use digital and video cameras, scanners, Picasa, iPhoto and iMovie to help others gain knowledge of the children's learning process.

• Integrating Spanish in the Early Childhood Program 

Presenters: Gloria Argueta and Kathy Leon, Preschool Spanish Teachers, Children's Day School

Daily interactions and conversations provide limitless and organic opportunities to introduce, reinforce and have fun with the Spanish language. We'll share how we incorporate Spanish throughout the day; specifically, we will focus on music, literature, games, and everyday conversations/interactions. We'll also share how to build connections between school and home by inviting families to share in their childrens’ experience with Spanish as we reveal the work we do through our blog, our daily conversation, and by sending home music, games, and props that provide opportunities for families to sing, play, and explore together in Spanish.