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Online/Home Learning Resources

To support student learning beyond the classroom, please refer to this document for online/home learning requirements and guidance. This is a working document. We will continue to update this page, so please bookmark the page for easy access in the future. We will post more information and resources as it becomes necessary.

Online/Home Learning (OHL) Guide
CDS is initiating this new practice to support student online learning during the campus closure. As we embark upon this new journey together, please DOWNLOAD AND REVIEW the CDS Online/Home Learning Guide for your reference.

Online/Home Learning (OHL) Requirements
There are TWO essential requirements to prepare for Online/Home Learning:

1. DEVICE/HARDWARE: for learning consistencies, we recommend the student to use a dedicated iPad or any Apple Computers (MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini) as what the student uses at school.


DON'T have a dedicated device?
Follow the three easy steps below
DO have a dedicated device? see below
Both Take-Home Agreements for ECP/LS and MS were sent out on Friday via backpacks. If you need a device and HAVE NOT sent a request, please see below:
  • ECP & Lower School: We have a limited number of iPads available for families to take home. If you need to borrow a device, please follow the steps below:
    1. Please CLICK HERE to download the ECP/Lower School iPad Loaner Take-Home Agreement
    2. If you haven't done so, create a technology use agreement for your household. Review it together with your child. For reference, you can use the CDS Responsible Use of Technology HERE.
  • Middle School, please follow the steps below:
    1. Please CLICK HERE to download the Middle School Device take-home agreement. 
    2. Review the CDS Responsible Use of Technology Agreement with your child. You do not need to sign and upload the document as we already have the signed document at the beginning of the year.


  • A shared internet connection with a minimum speed of 15mbps.
    Please contact CDS' Director of Technology, Rico Tan at or 415-416-6317 if you have questions or need assistance with internet access.

PARENT RESOURCES for Online/Home Learning

  • BrainPop - (shared school account)
    • user: cds333dolores
    • psw: cds333dolores
  • ChessKid - Click HERE for more details.
    CDS Community Chess Club in for CDS kids and grown-ups to challenge each other, solve Chess position puzzles, learn Chess skills, terms and obscure concepts such as "gaining a tempo" and "skewering."

Please contact CDS Director of Technology, Rico Tan at if you have any questions.