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Muttville Visits the Fourth Grade

Friday, November 5, 2021

Last week, the Fourth Grade Sandpipers had a special visit from our friends at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue! CDS families may remember the fourth graders’ fundraiser from last spring, where they raised $1,250 for Muttville by selling stickers, magnets, bandanas, and dog treats. We’ve continued our relationship with Muttville since then, and their Community Engagement Director Bunny Rosenberg brought along a “magical mutt” named Logan to meet with this year’s fourth graders. (Logan has since been adopted, but Muttville is still hosting many other dogs who are looking for a new home.)

Before Bunny’s visit, the Sandpipers brainstormed a set of questions to ask about Muttville and its mission to find permanent homes for older dogs. Afterwards, they used what they’d learned to create posters and write persuasive pieces advocating for the organization, which is currently raising money for a new headquarters. In addition to developing their writing skills, the students’ support of a neighborhood charity allowed them to embody our belief that community matters.

“This unit aims to engage children in writing for a real purpose and explore one way to be an activist,” Sandpipers Teacher Darryl Owens told us. “We hope to equip the children with transferable skills that they can apply to future projects to grow as changemakers.” We’re proud to join with an organization working for positive change as we strive to encourage the same values in our students!