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Looking for the Good

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Each year as we approach the Thanksgiving vacation, I'm given the opportunity to stop and reflect on the school year so far. By now students have developed lasting friendships and are deeply immersed in classroom projects such as squid dissections, kindness conversations, innovative transportation and the life cycle of the chicken. Teachers are working with one another to make cross-classroom connections, new families are now woven into the fabric of the CDS community and routines are well established.

Here on the yard, our Friday assemblies are sometimes rainy, but we still gather and listen to the students report back on what they're learning in the classroom. Last Friday the third grade Quails presented about mindfulness and gratitude and taught us that:

  • Feeling appreciative produces a more even heart rhythm and helps you be more alert, enthusiastic, determined and energetic.

  • Students who practice grateful thinking not only have a more positive attitude toward school, their brains are more ready to learn.

They also reminded us to look for the good in one another and in the world as they sang a lovely song about gratitude. Holding oneself in a place of gratitude can be hard to do. We, as grown-ups, are distinctly aware of world events and the injustices that surround us. The Quails provided us with a moment to remember that we have much to be grateful for, including this very special community that enriches all of our lives.

As you celebrate family and friendship this week, I want to thank you for sharing your children with us. We are so proud of their accomplishments and their efforts, and we cherish the opportunities to share those moments when they shine as learners.

Today we welcome grandparents and special friends to campus. All four CDS choruses will perform for visitors with songs from around the world. We hope that in addition to enjoying the choruses and spending time in your child's classroom, our visitors will stop in the farm and garden, which are lovely this time of year.

As we all leave campus this afternoon, let's pause and take our cues from the Quails and find the good in one another, and in the world.