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The Lineup for 2019-2020

We're excited to announce the 2019-2020 school year lineup of teachers and staff, which includes both familiar and new faces. There may be a few more changes over the summer, but we wanted to bring you up to date as you prepare for summer vacation and, in a few months, the new school year.

Our teams are hard at work hiring for the remaining openings, with several promising teacher candidates in the pipeline.

We’ve highlighted our new hires in bold below; stay tuned for their comprehensive bios in your June mailing. All staff and teacher bios will also be available on the CDS website this summer.

Early Childhood Program (ECP)

A Head Teacher change in our preschool is a rare event. Gretchen Ott, Alicia Perdue, and Candy Mabry have all been in their roles at CDS from 19 to 28 years! While we are so sad to say goodbye to Gretchen, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to promote Greg Gardner into the Head Starfish Teacher role. Candy, Alicia, and Divya Vyas will remain Head Teachers in their classrooms, and the Starfish shifts give us the opportunity to potentially move other teachers around a bit. Once we have hired Greg’s replacement, we will create new teaching teams and will share these line-ups with you later in the summer.  

Lower School

This experienced team of elementary teachers includes many returning teachers and some new faces too.

  • Kindergarten Redwoods: Luisa Pinto, Tristan Jemiolo
  • Kindergarten Sequoias: Katie Klamm, Jodi Kraning/Christy Kyong*
  • First Grade Hawks: Reggie Foldes, Michael Shin
  • First Grade Owls: Belinda Gray, Anna Lee
  • Second Grade Dolphins: Jessica Kumar, Josephine Saunders
  • Second Grade Octopuses: Kay Washington​, Valentine Batra
  • Third Grade Pelicans: Alex Miller, Nicole Chin
  • Third Grade Quails: Ginny Spivey, Ashley Zamora
  • Fourth Grade Hummingbirds: Caitlyn Connolly, Ami Sciarrillo
  • Fourth Grade Marbled Murrelets: Darryl Owens, Jamie Turner

*Jodi and Christy will be sharing the role of Kindergarten Sequoias Teacher when not on their respective maternity leaves.

Middle School

  • Fifth Grade Humanities: Barbie Brannon
  • Sixth Grade Humanities: Art Oloresisimo​
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade Math: Skye Scarbrough​
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade Science: Jonah Mandis​
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade Spanish: Paola Nou
  • Seventh Grade Humanities: Christopher Wachter​
  • Eighth Grade Humanities: Terry Ashkinos​
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Math: Ryan Trutner​
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Science:  Anne Sculley​
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Spanish: Mickael Drouet


We have a few new hires on our specialist team next year.

  • ECP/LS Art Teacher: Katie Hart
  • MS Art Teacher: Matthew Goldberg                
  • ECP/LS Farm & Garden Director: Robin Ostenfeld-Adams​
  • ECP/LS Farm & Garden Teacher: Xochi Battle
  • MS Food & Agricultural Science Teacher: Analise Heid​
  • LS Learning Specialist: Catherine Grove
  • MS Learning Specialist: Jill Rosenberg
  • ECP/LS Music Teacher: Julie Bruins
  • MS Music Teacher: Yari Mander
  • ECP/LS PE Head Teacher: Rhonda Ross
  • ECP/LS PE Associate Teacher: Spencer Donaldson
  • MS PE Teacher/Athletics Director: Nick Saunders
  • MS PE Teacher: Lori Roberts
  • LS Spanish Teachers: Sonia Pinto-Scherstuhl, Gabriela Martinez del Campo
  • MS Drama Teacher: Jackie Katz
  • MS Innovation Lab Director: Jeri Countryman
  • MS Innovation Lab Teacher: Sam Sevitt​
  • All School Librarian: Cristal Anne Fiel
  • ECP/LS Librarian: Elsa Townsend
  • LS Counselor: Kate Corliss*
  • MS Counselor: Wendy Macias Walker
  • MS Curriculum Coordinator: Laura Wolfram
  • High School Transition Counselor: Amanda Richard

*Kate expects to be on maternity leave from mid-November through February.

Administration & Other

The current administrative team is returning next year, with these changes. We will be sharing news of our new hires later in the summer.

  • Director of Curriculum and Program Innovation: Lindsay Hershenhorn​
  • Assistant Director of Enrollment Management: Kristina Berman
  • Annual Fund & Events Manager: TBD
  • Donor Relations Associate: TBD

Extended Program

The Extended Program is excited for another year of outstanding teaching and activities. Chris Teare (EP Director) and Erin Dayton-Jones (EP Coordinator) will be returning, along with many of our beloved team. Some members will be moving on to other opportunities, and we will be sharing news of our new members once we have solidified plans this summer.

We’re thrilled about our 2019-2020 lineup. It’s full of talented, experienced and inspiring educators. We can’t wait for you to meet them in August. Have a great summer!