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Kindergarten Science

What we do:

Our goal is to create a science curriculum that is both fun and meaningful with opportunities for hands on exploration. Students work together with materials to problem solve and experiment. Children are encouraged to discuss their work at table groups as well as during whole class discussions. Investigation skills are emphasized through student’s inquiry as students learn to ask relevant questions, make observations, take measurements, draw conclusions and evaluate experiments.

  • Exploring Pumpkins as Scientists
  • ​Layers of the Redwood Forest (Habitats)
  • Forest Stream and Trout
  • Trees as Resources

How we do it:

  • Research during Reading Workshop
  • Science journals - use the five senses to make observational drawings, label our drawings and record our thinking
  • Field trips and expert visitors
  • Class terrariums and trout tank
  • FOSS kit (Full Option Science System)