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Children's Day School

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Friday Assemblies

Our weekly Friday morning assemblies bring students, faculty, staff, and often many parents together as a community. The older students remember their early school days as they watch preschoolers make announcements and lead the school in song. Younger students look up in awe and admiration as they listen to their older role models speak up, find their voice, and deliver words of wisdom—or humor. Assemblies usually take place in the yard of our 333 Dolores Street campus, but they will be conducted online via Zoom for the 2020-2021 school year.

One of the main educational objectives of the Friday assembly is that CDS students become confident public speakers. Another benefit is the opportunity to practice leadership skills, as classes take turns presiding over the assembly.

Each class (and some specials) are in charge of leading at least one assembly each year. The assembly rotation will be published each August. Parents are invited to attend.

The Welcome Song and the Birthday Blessing

In each assembly, we sing the Welcome Song to articulate the spirit of the CDS community and say the Birthday Blessing to celebrate the students who have had their birthdays in the past week. Here are the words to both of them:

Welcome Song:
Welcome, welcome to everyone here
Be of good voice and be of good cheer
Welcome, welcome to everyone here
Welcome, welcome to everyone here

Bienvenidos sean todos aquí
Disfrutaremos de un día feliz
Bienvenidos sean todos aquí
Bienvenidos sean todos aquí

Birthday Blessing:
Watch over these children as they grow,
Bless and guide them wherever they go,
Strengthen them when they stand,
Comfort them when discouraged or sad,
Raise them up when they fall,
And in their hearts may peace abide forever.