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Egg Incubation Project

We have some exciting news for the CDS community! In the first week of October, we placed seven fertile eggs inside an incubator. The incubator keeps the temperature at a cozy 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for the development of baby chickens. As the chicks develop inside the eggs, monitoring humidity is also important, as most people don’t realize that the eggs are porous and exchange gases and water with the surrounding environment.

Our first graders have been the primary caretakers of the eggs, and they've been monitoring the chicks’ development in a few different ways. In their inquiry notebooks, they’ve been recording the temperature and humidity levels to ensure they are within a healthy range. They’ve also been measuring the mass of the eggs using a food scale to see if it changes as the birds grow.  

Students are also using an ovascope, which is kind of like a microscope for an egg. The tool shines light through the egg and reflects a shadow of the chick. We have seen a dark spot which we think is the eye, we've noticed a series of veins, and we've even detected movement inside the eggs as the birds respond to the light.

All CDS students at the lower school campus will have an opportunity to engage with the chicks once they are here. In the meantime, we’d like to invite you to look at the "eggcam" below to observe the eggs yourself. The chicks' official due date is Monday, October 21, but sometimes they arrive early! We could see some wiggling around as soon as the Friday before the due date. Enjoy and please feel free to stop by to meet our new chicks after they hatch. They'll be living in a brooder box just outside the farm + garden kitchen for the next couple of weeks.