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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly

Friday, January 20, 2017

At Children’s Day School, we celebrate diversity, work for justice and fairness, and cultivate respect for all people. We share these values with Dr. Martin Luther King, whose work we honored on January 20 at our annual Martin Luther King assembly. The Second Grade Octopuses shared affirming words from Dr. King, and the Seventh Grade Blue class informed us about organizations that continue the important social justice work to which Dr. King was committed.

CDS honored Dr. King’s memory with two songs that were meaningful to him. CDS parent Liz O’Neill sang the African American spiritual “Amazing Grace,” and the assembly ended with a performance of “This Land is Your Land,” led by CDS faculty and staff musicians Kindra Scharich, Lisa Roberts, Andrei Ferrera, and Rico Tan, along with Liz.

Later in the day, middle school students held a unity walk around Dolores Park.  They held hands and once again sang “This Land Is Your Land,” carrying signs that described what they hope for and what they stand for.







The organizations discussed by the seventh graders included: