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Collective Imagination at the Drama Showcase

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Earlier this month, our middle schoolers ascended the Founders’ Hall stage for one of CDS’ most entertaining events: the Drama Showcase, which features short plays written, designed, and acted entirely by students. Coordinated by Middle School Drama Teacher Jackie Katz, this showcase helps our students express all of the creative passion that we try to cultivate in our specialty programs.

This trimester, Jackie encouraged her students to create stories based on the themes of collective imaginations and social engagement. Each class picked a societal issue that it wanted to address and used it as a springboard for a show with contributions from all of the students. The two youngest groups of actors both built their stories around environmentalism: the fifth grade’s “Animals to Protect” addressed the issue of animal rights, while the sixth grade’s “Dreamers” took on the subject of natural disasters. The seventh grade presented “Equilibrium,” giving us a glimpse into a science fair of the future and examining the impact of technology on teenagers’ lives. Finally, the eighth grade took on bullying with “Xen-O-Phobia,” an ingenious mystery story that combined video footage with live performance as the audience was challenged to guess a bully’s identity.