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CDS Teacher Helps Foot the Bill with Shoe Design

Friday, May 1, 2020

These days it’s more important than ever to support our local businesses, and Preschool Starfish Head Teacher Greg Gardner is doing just that! Greg frequently works with the San Francisco Skate Club, a program that provides not only skateboarding lessons but also meals, academic help, art materials, and much more to its students, and he’s partnering with them for a unique fundraising opportunity.

“Foot the Bill,” a new program from the famous Vans shoe company, is selling custom-designed shoes to raise money for small businesses such as skate shops, restaurants, and artistic organizations, with 100% of the net profits going back to the businesses; the Skate Club is one of the beneficiaries. Art is one of Greg’s biggest passions (his drawings have graced several CDS projects, most recently a welcome booklet that we printed to give to new students), and he provided illustrations that will be printed on the club’s shoes. “I have been privately designing my own Vans on school binder paper since I was in first grade,” Greg told us. “I’m so happy that the funds will go to support my favorite non-CDS youth program!”

The Skate Club describes Greg as a “long-time friend, true-blue shredder, and all-around creative genius” with whom they are proud to work. “Greg’s drawings of free-spirited skaters capture the creative expression that we hope to inspire in our youth,” they said. Sharing kindness and joy is one of CDS’ key values, and Greg has certainly done that with this project! To check out the full Foot the Bill catalogue, please head to this page.