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CDS Teacher Creates Sweet Treats

Monday, April 5, 2021

At CDS, our teachers are people of many talents! Just one example is Nicole, our Fourth Grade Warblers teacher, who also works as a provider of baked goods at Nicole’s KitChin. She sells sweet and savory treats and desserts as well as providing cooking classes.

“Nicole’s KitChin was born on a foundation of building community and raising awareness,” she told us. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have made it a point to donate as much of the profits as I can from my sales to non-profits.” Over the summer she helped provide funds for a number of Black nonprofit organizations, and most recently she has provided support to Cal Aggie Camp, a branch of UC-Davis which provides free outdoor activities for foster and underprivileged children. Nicole’s longtime roommate is a camp employee, and Nicole has helped the organization in many ways over the years. Her work embodies two of CDS’ most important beliefs—the fact that Community Matters, and that it’s important to Share Kindness and Joy. What could spread more joy than wonderful food?

The Instagram page for Nicole’s KitChin is here, and you can find more businesses run by CDS staff, families, and friends in our Online Craft Bazaar.