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CDS Students Oppose Juul on Local News

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Two of our eighth graders were interviewed today by KTVU Channel 2 News. The students spoke about SF Proposition C (sponsored by Juul and others) and encouraged people to learn more about the issue.

“I asked my students, ‘Do you have any friends who use any of these Juul products, and have you ever seen anybody use it?’” said Eighth Grade Humanities teacher Terry Ashkinos. “It was 42 kids and all 42 hands went up.” When our students heard about Proposition C, which was designed to overturn the city’s current ban on e-cigarettes and flavored vapor products, they were eager to help defeat it. The students created a pamphlet called “The Truth About Prop C,” with information about the proposition and traveled the neighborhood passing it out. That evening, the recording (featuring clips of both Terry and his students explaining why they were opposed to Juul) was featured on local TV as part of a story on Prop C’s lack of support among San Francisco citizens.

UPDATE: Less than a week later, Juul ended their support for Prop C, making it almost certain that the bill will not be passed and validating the efforts of activists such as our students.