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CDS Featured in “Racing to Zero” Documentary

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Days before the community dispersed for the winter holidays, CDS was contacted by a documentary producer, Diana Fuller, who was interested in our school. Her project, Racing to Zero, spoke to us immediately – a positive take on San Francisco’s goal to become a waste free city by 2020. Diana recognized CDS as part of the solution with our curriculum focused on sustainability, gardening and farming.

Diana made time for a visit and a tour of the campus for the following afternoon and it seemed she was immediately smitten with the children, the school philosophy and, of course, Sunny and Frisco. Before Misty could finish explaining the second grade’s focus on composting, Diana was asking to film her classes as well as the Green Task Force members and Family Farmer volunteers.

With much excitement it was decided that January 16 would be a great day for Diana’s crew to film in the farm and watch Misty for a day. Each student who would be filmed while attending one of Misty’s classes was contacted and we received an overwhelming amount of support from parents.

On January 16, Diana and her crew began filming before they even reached the gate. They found Molly in her usual meet and greet, morning spot and got a quick introduction to the campus before going to the farm to film morning chores. The Preschool class, the Starfish, was the first group to be filmed and Diana mentioned immediately they were learning just from listening to our students work together in the garden. Colette’s second grade class and Lori’s first grade also came through and got to show off their star qualities. Green Task Force members, Iliana and Sam, took a few moments to discuss their hopes, frustrations and goals with the film crew and the day wrapped with Cindy McSherry and Etienne explaining the family farmer volunteer work they organize.

Before leaving the school, Diana stopped by to tell us that she wishes she could spend a whole week here and produce a movie about CDS’ program. Later, she wrote, “Your program is a model which integrates the basics about life, cause and effect and the interconnectedness of everything. The fact that the children, of all ages, were relaxed and open and interested, is proof alone of the success of this kind of integration.”