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CDS Continues Scholar Card Partnership with SF Public Library

Thursday, October 7, 2021

We recently had our first in-person Friday assembly in a year and a half, and it included an unusual bit of symmetry. In early 2020, at our very last all-community gathering before COVID-19 forced us to move our assemblies online, we introduced our Scholar Card program in partnership with the San Francisco Public Library. Last Friday, All-School Librarian Cristal Fiel gave an update on how the program is going and announced that the students who have joined the CDS community since the lockdown began will finally have the opportunity to receive physical copies of their cards. Over the next few days, she visited our classrooms to do read-alouds, meet new students, and hand out the scholar cards as well as campfire-scented “Reading Ranger” badges.

Our friends at SFPL have told us that our students are very active library users, and as it turns out we’ve helped start a trend! We were the first independent school to establish a Scholar Card partnership, but many others followed suit after the beginning of the pandemic so that their remote students could have digital access to library resources. We’re glad that so many of our peer schools are joining us in this project, and we’re proud of our students for embracing their role as active learners and inquirers!