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Board of Trustees Description

The CDS Board of Trustees (‘the Board’), in partnership with the Head of School, serves as the school's governing body.

The Board aspires to reflect the diverse community of CDS and is comprised of current parents, alumni parents, and community members who support the mission of the school. 

Trustees serve in a voluntary capacity and come from a wide range of backgrounds, including communications, education, facilities, finance, law and management. Trustees are asked to serve a minimum three-year term and are encouraged to serve two terms, subject to approval by the Board.  

The Board does not make any decisions about the school's daily operations such as admissions, curriculum or personnel. Instead, it thinks strategically to ensure that those operations are in line with the CDS mission, vision and values. In conducting its business, the Board acts as a whole, rather than reflecting the opinions of individual Trustees.

In line with the factors critical to any independent school, the Board’s main areas of focus are:

  • To select, evaluate and support the Head of School, to whom it delegates authority to manage the school.
  • To develop broad institutional policies that guide the Head in running the school.
  • To be accountable for the financial well-being of the school.

See below for information about our current Board of Trustees.  

See here for more information about the responsibilities of independent school Boards from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Meeting information

The full Board meets once a month during term time. The Senior Administration and PTTA President are invited to attend all meetings. Committees and task forces meet regularly; Trustees are also encouraged to attend CDS events and professional development opportunities.

Every year, the Board partners with the Administration to host the ‘State of the School’ evening, which provides a snapshot for the CDS community of how the school and its governing body are performing.


The Board’s Committee on Trustees (CoT) is responsible for identifying and evaluating Trustee candidates against a set of recruitment criteria that includes skills, perspective and diversity of experience.

Each year, members of CoT meet with potential candidates to determine their interests, mission alignment, strengths and discretionary time. CoT then recommends candidates to the full Board, which will elect suitable Trustees in the spring for the following school year.