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Up Close and Personal

May 28th, 2014

The role of PTTA President comes with a position on the CDS Board of Trustees. This is designed to create a direct link between the two groups. 

An example of how this connection is useful is our recent CDS Family Movie Night. The Movie Night was a joint effort between the Board’s Committee on Inclusion and Diversity (COID) and the PTTA. As a board member I understood COID’s objectives, and as a PTTA president, I was able to facilitate a no-cost family event that led to new connections in the community.

Now that I am wrapping up my year in these roles, and handing the jobs over to Bryan Rogers, I wanted to share with you a glimpse of our school’s Board.

Simply put, Board members are responsible for the long term health and well-being of CDS as a school/non-profit organization. The Board keeps our school true to its mission and encourages the things that make our school a special place. It’s a big job, and it takes all kinds of people to make it happen.

The Board is made up of people who believe in the school’s mission. Some members make the 3 year commitment, even though their children never went to CDS. The rest of the Board consists of fellow parents whose children are CDS students or alumni. The members are people, who after a full day of working at jobs, running their own businesses, or tending to their family’s needs, attend monthly meetings, multiple committee meetings and various conferences.

What happens in all those meetings? Board members talk about what is unique to CDS and why we are here. We discuss the annual budget and our continued emphasis on sliding scale tuition. We envision our dream version of our farm and garden. We review 601 construction progress. We focus on supporting our teachers. We look for ways to bring families together. We address those topics and more, and then we design a course of action within the bounding realities of mission, budget and time. The Board turns the results of those talks into long range plans that the administration will implement.

After having my glimpse of the school’s Board, I come away grateful that these caring and generous people do what they do for our children.

Caroline Cho
PTTA President