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April 27th, 2017

Last month, our eighth graders returned from one of the most important events of their CDS career: a trip to Washington DC, where they brought this year’s theme of Activism into practice. They had drawn up petitions for abortion rights and environmental justice, containing the signatures of thousands of Bay Area citizens, and in the nation’s capital they personally delivered these documents to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The students visited many historical locations, ranging from the Lincoln Memorial to the Library of Congress, but they described their meeting with Rep. Pelosi as their proudest moment.

This week, Rep. Pelosi followed up on our visit by sending a letter to the CDS community in praise of our commitment to activism. She writes to our students that “your generation will play an important role in addressing the challenges we face, and your interest in the world around you gives me great hope for the future.” We’re humbled by her kind words, and we know that our students will live up to her expectations.

Here is the full text of her letter:

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