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Appreciating Our Departing Trustees

Five longtime members of our Board of Trustees will be completing their term of office at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year. We would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Ted Arleo, Lucy Farey-Jones, Eric Fastiff, Kirk Lorie, and Cheryl Porro for their tireless dedication and many contributions to the school! Read more about the wonderful work they’ve done on behalf of CDS, in the words of their Board colleagues, past and present.


Ted Arleo (served 2013-2019), described by a previous Board member as a “real estate/project management God,” drew on his experience as a successful architect to take a leadership role in the transformation of 601 Dolores into our Middle School campus, and the renovation of St. Joseph’s Hall. “There should be plaques all along the Dolores Street corridor memorializing the amounts of time, thought, care, and effort that Ted put into every inch of our campus,” said another former Trustee. However, Ted’s “calm and straightforward” contributions—both as Chair of the Facilities Committee and as Vice Chair of the Board—extend beyond the school’s physical attributes. “Ted has been a resolute force leading this institution forward,” said another colleague. “When we were in the throes of figuring out how to close the funding gap for middle school construction, he never showed a moment of fear or disbelief.”


Lucy Farey-Jones (2013-2019) “came to CDS at exactly the time we needed her,” in the words of a former Board colleague. She lent her expertise as an internationally successful advertising executive to our marketing and rebranding efforts, led the Strategic Planning Taskforce, Citizenry Committee, and Brand Awareness Committee, and most recently served on the Mission, Vision, Values Taskforce and the Neighborhood Outreach Committee—all at a time when the school was exploring its mission, its expansion, and the role it plays in the community at large. “The vision, the rebranding, and helping to take communications to the next level—I give much of the credit for that to Lucy,” another said. “She gets things done.” Lucy’s personality and ideals also left a mark on her colleagues. “Thank you for helping us understand that who we are and what we do is all about the why. Passionate citizens really DO change the world.”


Eric Fastiff (2010-2019) is our longest-serving Trustee, with nine years on the Board. Originally leading the Finance Committee, he soon moved up to become the Chair of the full CDS Board and later remained on the Executive Committee as the Treasurer. An anti-trust litigator, Eric also served on the CDS Bond Taskforce. “Eric is bold and fearless,” said one former Trustee, “and CDS has been the lucky recipient of his talents and passion over the last decade.” Eric believed strongly that CDS should be available to as many kids as possible, and he helped lead the school through a time of expansion, with the capital campaign for 601 Dolores a key example. “Generations of CDS students are better off for his hard work,” said another Board member, who praised Eric’s “deep, unwavering belief in the mission and values of Children’s Day School" and his power of persuasion to get a project across the finish line.


“Kirk Lorie (2014-2019) is wise, thoughtful, and patient. He’s supportive of other Board members, a great listener, and always happy to give freely of his time,” said one colleague, who thanked Kirk for serving as a mentor to her in her early days as a Trustee. The many people who have worked with Kirk on the Committee on Trustees, COID, the Tech Advisory Board, and elsewhere expressed similar thoughts. “Kirk brought patience and equanimity to the Board and served as a strong role model for others,” said another Trustee. Kirk’s background in education and technology was a perfect fit for his role on the CDS Innovation Lab Focus Group. Kirk’s commitment to diversity and fair representation “has helped the Board better understand the challenges that our school community faces,” says a colleague. “His thoughtfulness and care around Trustee recruitment, retention, and support leaves a wonderful legacy.”


Cheryl Porro (2013-2019) was Chair of the Board from 2016-2018 and Co-Chair for this past year. Colleagues praised “her passionate work ethic and her strong leadership” in an important time for the school’s future. “To do her parent job, the Board Chair job, and her daily work role—all at the same time—was quite a load, and she let nothing drop,” said one past Trustee, who described her as “a great Board Chair in a challenging time of finding a new Head of School and making the transition from Molly to Shelly.” Drawing on her background in leading technology innovation, Cheryl “was always the first to raise her hand to say ‘we can’ or ‘I will.’“ She is “a whirlwind of energy, positivity, efficiency—and really good cupcakes! We owe Cheryl so much for steering the school so gracefully through these years of change.”