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Annual Fall Potluck Focuses on Diversity

Friday, November 2, 2018


Last weekend, members of our school community took part in a beloved CDS tradition: the All-Family Diversity Potluck. On a lovely Saturday morning, dozens of families gathered on the 333 Dolores yard to eat lunch, make new friends, and share elements of their culture with each other. The potluck featured many different activities, including Bollywood-inspired dancing, henna tattoo art, face painting, and much more.

This year we introduced the CDS Passport, designed by CDS Director of Inclusion Anthony Witte. As they arrived at the potluck, each attendee received a small passport-style booklet with sections related to diversity—family traditions, different learning styles, portrayals of disability in the media, and others. Everyone was encouraged to walk around the yard and ask others to share their personal connection to these subjects, chatting with a different person for every section. The activity ended with a lesson on how to say “I love you” in languages other than English.

“We hold a broad vision of diversity,” Anthony says. “In addition to race and ethnicity, we also think in terms of gender, socioeconomic status, neurodiverse learning styles, sexual orientation, ability, disability, religion, political beliefs, family structure, and so much more.” The potluck is designed to appeal to all families, and we’re happy to hear that it has been a positive experience for everyone.