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Affinity Groups at CDS

An affinity group is a group of people who share a common experience. Affinity groups can offer special value to those in our community who have a history of and/or the potential for isolation in the broader community. Affinity groups strengthen the entire CDS community by increasing the opportunities for each of us to find support, connection and a voice at our school.  

CDS supports the formation of both family and student affinity groups. The family affinity groups provide not only opportunities for families to build strong connections with others who share some crucial aspect of their experiences, but the groups strengthen our wider community by welcoming the voices of all its constituent parts. The CDS family affinity groups enhance the welcoming multicultural environment that our community has built over many years. All CDS family affinity groups are parent-driven to meet the needs of our families. 

Family Affinity Groups
Over the past few years, our family affinity groups have included:

  • Asian Heritage
  • Black/African American Heritage
  • Families Built Through Adoption
  • Latina/o/x Heritage​
  • Neurodiversity Task Force
  • One Love (families with a single child)
  • Rainbow Families (formerly LGBTQ-Headed Families & Families with LGBTQ Questioning Kids)
  • Single Parent/Guardian
  • South Asian/Indian 

To recognize, support and celebrate the diversity of our student population, CDS successfully launched its very first student affinity group program in fall 2012. We are thrilled to be continuing and expanding our elementary student affinity group program this year. 

Lower School Student Affinity Groups (1st through 4th grade - groups chosen by families)

  • Asian Heritage
  • Girls of African Heritage
  • Kids of Multiple Households & Single Parents
  • Latina/o/x Heritage
  • LGBTQ-Headed Families
  • Multiracial Heritages
  • Neurodiverse Learning Styles
  • South Asian Heritage
  • Students of Color

Middle School Student Affinity Groups (5th through 8th grade - groups chosen by students)

  • Asian Pacific Islander/South Asian Heritage
  • Black/African Heritage
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Interfaith/Spiritual Beliefs
  • International/Recent Immigrant
  • Jewish 
  • Latina/o/x Heritage
  • Multiple Households/Divorced/Single Parent-Guardian
  • Multiracial Heritages
  • Neurodiverse Learning Styles
  • Queer Alliance (LGBTQ)
  • White/European Heritage

More information on CDS Affinity Groups: