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8th Grade Spanish

What we do:

  • Vocabulary and grammar concepts pertaining to :
  • Estar, ser, present progressive, direct object pronouns
  • Shopping
  • Saber, conocer, indirect pronouns, past tense, adjectives
  • Daily routines
  • Reflexive verbs, irregular past tenses, gustar
  • Food and parties
  • Past tense of stem changing verbs, comparison
  • Irregular past tense, qué and cual, pronouns
  • Imperfect tense vs. preterito, construction with se
  • Familiar commands: imperative, por/para, reciprocal reflexives, pronouns
  • Life at home, technology, doctor’s office
  • Relative pronouns, formal commands: imperative/ subjunctive form

How we do it:

  • Differentiated activities
  • Class discussions
  • Multimedia projects and presentation
  • Online activities
  • Conversation
  • Tests and quizzes