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8th Grade Math

What we do:

  • Mix of pre-algebra and algebra skills
  • Processes of using and defining linear equations, including using equations to model data and deriving models from actual data
  • Four methods of solving systems of two variable equations
  • Systems of inequality and their uses
  • Factoring and simplifying a variety of polynomial equations and exponential expressions
  • Proof and number and properties of real numbers and multiple techniques for solving quadratic equations
  • Function notation and trigonometric ratios
  • Complex rate, ratio, proportion and unit problems
  • Apply statistics to analyzing current social, political and scientific issues •   
  • Exponents and scientific notation

How we do it:

  • Build an understanding of how to detect patterns and how to represent them in graphs, tables and equations
  • Develop students’ understanding of rates and unit conversion
  • Build facility in working with equations and creating equations
  • Small group and whole class instruction
  • Test and quizzes
  • Daily math practice