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8th Grade Farm & Garden

What we do:

  • Learn the story of our food and its impact on human health, environments, and communities
  • Engage with growing, harvesting, and cooking food
  • Interface with experts in the field to better understand the science and future of food
  • Experience hands-on lab, kitchen, and garden activities
  • Understand sustainability in relation to our food

How we do it:

  • Explore healthy eating through culinary science that focuses on understanding the story of our food and how it relates to culture, nutrition, and sustainability
  • Learn about the science of taste, flavor and aroma, plant genetics, humans' digestive biome, and social issues surrounding policy and industry in reforming the food system
  • Learn the science, art, and culture around fermented foods
  • Begin the process of fermentation with foods such as kimchi, cheese, yogurt, bread, and chocolate to understand the critical role of our human microbiome
  • Using microscopes and guest experts in the fields of food science, health, nutrition, and microbiology, delve into the importance of microbes (primarily bacteria and yeast) in our bodies that scientists are only now starting to understand