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7th Grade Math

What we do:

  • Mix of pre-algebra and algebra skills including fractions, ratios, rates, statistics, probability, number systems and number theory
  • Algebra includes graphing linear and exponential equations, solving one and two variable equations and understanding the derivation and use of linear equations in standard, intercept and point slope forms
  • Rigorous and consistent approach to solving math problems, from up front estimation to proof and confirmation
  • Proportional reasoning
  • Geometry

How we do it:

  • Build student confidence in skills as a mathematician, problem solver and logician
  • Create a “tool set” of tables, graphs and charts and the supporting technical skills needed to create them
  • Apply tools such as statistics and probability to real world events
  • Build an understanding of how to detect patterns and how to represent them in graphs, tables and equations
  • Develop students’ understanding of rates and unit conversion
  • Build facility in working with equations and creating equations
  • Small group and whole class instruction
  • Test and quizzes
  • Daily math practice