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7th Grade Farm & Garden

What we do:

  • Learn the story of our food and its impact on human health, environments, and communities
  • Engage with growing, harvesting, and cooking food
  • Interface with experts in the field to better understand the science and future of food
  • Experience hands-on lab, kitchen, and garden activities
  • Understand sustainability in relation to our food

How we do it:

  • Explore healthy eating through culinary science that focuses on understanding the story of our food and how it relates to culture, nutrition, and sustainability
  • Learn about the science of taste, flavor and aroma, plant genetics, humans' digestive biome, and social issues surrounding policy and industry in reforming the food system
  • Draw on the facts of food labeling, nutritional information, food marketing strategies, GMOs, and the science of taste, flavor and aroma to create a recipe for a health bar
  • Participate in an "Iron Chef" simulated activity to create the health bar and be judged on the following criteria: nutrition, taste, flavor, packaging/labeling, and marketing