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6th Grade Math

What we do:

  • Part 2 of two-year program of pre-algebra
  • Mastery with logic, problem-solving strategies, and making math-related connections to the world beyond the classroom
  • Whole number operations, basic arithmetic operations, estimation, and complex problem-solving using whole numbers or decimals
  • Comparing and ordering fractions and finding fraction/decimal equivalents
  • Computation of percentages, interest, and compound interest
  • Number theories and properties, order of operations, property of zero, distributive, associative, commutative, and identity properties
  • Evaluation of simple numerical phrases with one or two algebraic variables
  • Squares of whole numbers, Pythagorean Theorem
  • Use of both metric system and system of measurement commonly used in the United States
  • Linear measurement including perimeter, patterns, functions, and algebra

How we do it:

  • Small group and whole class instruction
  • Exploration with manipulatives
  • Inquiry-based projects
  • Daily homework
  • Tests and quizzes