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6th Grade Farm & Garden

What we do:

  • Learn the story of our food and its impact on human health, environments, and communities
  • Engage with growing, harvesting, and cooking food
  • Interface with experts in the field to better understand the science and future of food
  • Experience hands-on lab, kitchen, and garden activities
  • Understand sustainability in relation to our food

How we do it:

  • Develop an understanding of the differences between food systems: industrial/conventional; industrialized organic farming; local/sustainable; gardened/foraged/hunted
  • Gain knowledge and experience in the global implications of different food systems by understanding the journey, process, and impacts our food has on our health and the environment
  • Study domestication of crops, global ecological impacts of agriculture, plant genetics, and soil and gut microbiome
  • Choose a vegetable or fruit and research its life from farm to table to illustrate the complexity of the global food system
  • Interview farmers, plant biologists, food scientists, and industry professionals to understand the the food system which their fruit or vegetable is a part of
  • Research subjects such as seed source, planting strategy, fertilizer/pesticide applications, harvest, transport, seasonality and availability in market, processing or lack thereof, and finished product.