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Preschool Summer Camps

This summer, we are once again offering two-week-long, full-day camps for preschoolers in four sessions over eight weeks. All current and incoming CDS students are welcome, as well as students from the community who are at least four years old. Camp operates much like the typical preschool day at CDS: campers will enjoy morning circle, outdoor play, lunch, nap, snack, art, and visits to the farm and garden.

REGISTER HERE. You will be redirected to UltraCamp, our online camp management website. There, you can create an account and log in to make reservations (based on availability of the current camp sessions) and also make camp payments. Should you have any questions, please contact Charles DiRicco at (415) 416-6315.

CDS Summer Camp 2018 offers the following sessions for preschool campers:

Session I: June 18-29

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
If your child loves helicopters, fire engines, ferries, and the Muni, then they will love this camp where we learn about different types of vehicles and modes of transportation in San Francisco and the rest of the world. In this camp, we will learn how to fold the best paper airplanes, create our own vehicles, and will go on field trips to check out the different ways that people move around the city. Students will use their problem solving skills to build cars, boats, and airplanes, and they will have to figure out ways to make their vehicles move on wheels, water, and through the air. We will also compare modes of transportation in San Francisco to different places in the world and discover why certain places don’t need the same vehicles that we do.

Session II: July 5-13

Ooey Gooey Science
Join us for a hands-on science camp loaded with tons of messy experiments! In this camp, we will build volcanoes, make bouncy balls, and play with lots of slime. We will see how materials interact with each other and observe how matter changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas. Your child is guaranteed to come home dirty every night, but with a greater understanding of the properties of different substances and why they react the way they do.

Session III: July 16-27

Master Builders
In this camp, we will speak to architects and construction workers to learn how to design and build our own buildings from the ground up. We will even get to see a construction site up close on the CDS campus! Students will first use their art skills to draft blueprints and then move on to using rulers, hammers, measuring tape, and drills to build their creations. We’ll provide the hard hats!

Session IV: July 30-August 10

Dinosaur Discovery
Our young CDS paleontologists will become experts on many of the different types of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. In this camp, we will compare dinosaurs by looking at fun pop-up books and models, and then we will make molds of dinosaur bones to later dig out of the sandbox. Our dinosaur experts will also create and decorate dinosaur eggs and watch them hatch! We may even turn ourselves into dinosaurs…come and find out!

Kindergaten Kickstart! (CDS Students Only)

Garden Life, July 9-13
At CDS we are graced with a beautiful garden, home to a wealth of plants, growing foods, lively animals, and plenty of learning opportunities! In Garden Life, students will engage in a number of activities and projects that incorporate the animals, plants, and lessons we find in a garden. We will go beyond the CDS garden to create exotic flowers and learn important lessons about seeds, compost, and the value and fun that can be had in gardens. Children will have an opportunity to exercise introductory math skills, group work, arts and crafts, and, above all, fun! We hope to see you during this exciting and educational week.

World Travelers, July 16-20
Calling all intrepid explorers! Is there anywhere in the world that you have always wanted to travel? You will have that chance in this fast-paced week of transcontinental travel. We will metaphorically circle the globe to learn about music, language, clothing, art, and much more from all around the world. Africa, Asia, South America, here we come!

Sea Creatures, July 23-27
Does it seem crazy that we know more about outer space than the world’s oceans? In Sea Creatures, we will dive deep into exploration and wonder as we discover the ocean’s wildlife. Studying whales, dolphins, jellyfish, and more, we will use a variety of skill sets to learn about what lies in the darkest depths of the sea. We’ll count the number of legs an octopus uses to swim, create our own tropical fish using craft supplies, and discover new, exciting songs about the great blue sea. We hope you can join us as we grab our scuba gear and dive down to take a peek at the world’s greatest mystery of life: the ocean!

Animals of the Jungle, July 30-August 3
During this exciting week, we will explore some of the wildest and most amazing creatures found in jungles around the world! We’ll explore this vast world through creative projects such as bug making, caterpillar counting, monkey matchmaking games, and endless other hands-on activities. Children will have an opportunity to practice introductory math skills such as counting, work in groups to practice social skills, and learn exciting information about their favorite jungle creatures. Join us as we swing from branch to branch during this fantastically fun week.

Food, Food, Food!, August 6-10
Does your child love food? Are they curious about the foods of the world? Then come join us as we fill our appetites with the world’s culinary wonders! We will practice good table manners as we host food parties and feasts. We will discover the measurement skills that are necessary to cook a great recipe. We will also learn about healthy eating and how these decisions help us grow and become stronger. Come join us as we travel the culinary world discovering different foods, creating delicious dishes, and learning about nutrition along the way. Bon appetit!