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The Lineup for 2017-2018

We’re excited to announce the 2017–2018 school year lineup of teachers and staff, which includes both familiar and new faces, and even two teachers returning after time away from CDS! You'll notice that another three of our Lower School teachers have shifted grade levels. Changing roles within the school can be a great opportunity for an employee to grow professionally as an educator, and we're thrilled to support their development in this way.

Our new hires are designated in boldface; we have several promising teacher candidates in the pipeline to fill the remaining openings, which are listed as "TBD" below.

Our tremendous team is responsible for making this school an incredible place to learn and grow. Please join us in applauding this wonderful group of educators for the 2017-2018 school year!

Early Childhood Program (ECP)

  • Leaping Lizards: Alicia Perdue, Ngoc Tran, Jasmin Flores
  • Starfish: Gretchen Ott, Greg Gardner, Guillermo Cortez
  • Teddy Bears: Candy Mabry, Vanessa Edwards,* Christy Kyong
  • Alligators (TK): Divya Vyas, Radha Kindler
  • Butterflies (ECP Extended Program): TBD (Maternity Leave Substitute),** Radha Kindler, James Bannister

*Vanessa Edwards will return to CDS after a one-year maternity leave.
**ECP Extended Program Coordinator Nina Washington will go on maternity leave beginning in August.

Lower School

  • Kindergarten Redwoods: Madeleine Lavender, Juliette Pinsky*
  • Kindergarten Sequoias: Tristan Jemiolo,** Jodi Kraning
  • First Grade Hawks: Kristina Berman, Reggie Foldes
  • First Grade Owls:  Belinda Gray, Luisa Pinto
  • Second Grade Dolphins: Jessica Kumar,** Josephine Saunders
  • Second Grade Octopuses: Alex Miller, Kay Washington
  • Third Grade Pelicans: Taryn Colonnese, Hannah Thompson
  • Third Grade Quails: Colette Zee, Melissa Kline
  • Fourth Grade Hummingbirds: Skye Scarbrough, Spencer Donaldson
  • Fourth Grade Marbled Murrelets: Darryl Owens, Christine Poon

*Juliette Pinsky returns to CDS this coming year, having taught in the Leaping Lizards preschool classroom during the 2011-2012 school year and in the Sequoias kindergarten classroom during the 2012-2013 school year.
**Tristan Jemiolo and Jessica Kumar are joining CDS full-time after serving as maternity leave substitutes in 2016-2017.

Middle School

  • Fifth Grade Humanities: Barbie Brannon
  • Sixth Grade Humanities: Art Oloresisimo
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade Math: Frances Elsberry
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade Science: Jenna Mandis
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade Spanish: Paola Nou
  • Seventh Grade Humanities: Christopher Wachter
  • Eighth Grade Humanities: Terry Ashkinos
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Math: Ryan Trutner
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Science: TBD
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Spanish: Mickael Drouet

Lower School Specialists

  • Art: Elizabeth McClellan
  • Farm & Garden Director: Robin Ostenfeld-Adams
  • Farm & Garden Teacher: Xochi Batlle
  • Music: Kindra Scharich
  • PE: Diana Bennett, Rhonda Ross
  • Spanish: Gabriela Martinez del Campo, Sonia Pinto-Scherstuhl
  • Librarian: Elsa Townsend
  • Maker Associate Teacher: Sam Sevett
  • Learning Specialist: Catherine Grove
  • Counselor: Kate Corliss

Middle School Specialists

  • Art: Colleen Flayler                                
  • Food & Agricultural Sciences Teachers: Analise Heid, Lily Sheridan
  • iLab: Jeri Countryman
  • Maker Associate Teacher: Sam Sevett
  • Music: Lisa Roberts
  • PE: Lori Roberts, Molly Whittaker
  • Learning Specialist: Trudy Hamm​
  • Learning Support (part-time): Laura Wolfram
  • Counselor: Wendy Macias Walker

Extended Program

  • Extended Program Director: Charles DiRicco
  • Extended Program Coordinator: Erin Dayton-Jones
  • After school teachers: Emmanuel Bakheit, Jael Lacayo, Dorian Sun, Cristina Taratchila, Donnie Weaver


The current administrative team is returning next year.